The OOI’s strategic goal is to ensure measurable positive results on personal and social level for every participant in its actions, over a short period of time; more importantly, to restore local and regional thematic economies to their former competitiveness, in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.


The OOI’s objectives are:

  • The constant and spectacular increase of the world consumption of olive products and other products of the primary sector with a distinctivecompetency , with all the subsequent benefits for the legal and natural persons active in this field, as well as for the regional and national economies of the producing countries, among which Greece holds a prominent position.
  • The constant motivation for increasing the number of visitors to regions where the fine Greek products are produced, by promoting their historical and cultural characteristics and by organising cultural activities, which will also give a boost to general and thematic tourism.

The actions of the OOI will make use of and promote the exceptional actions already being carried out by a large number of associations, chambers, local community institutions, cultural organizations and museums who share the same visions with the OOI

The OOI will pursue a steady cooperation with all these organisations in Greece and abroad as well as with universities and educational institutions specialising in matters of agronomy and agricultural economy.

It goes without saying that the OOI will closely collaborate with research organisations and mass media in promoting products and services of the primary and tertiary sectors.