The Olympic Olive Institute is an organisation dealing with studying, planning and implementing projects related to culture and development. Its activities are specifically focused on rebooting and enhancing the thematic economy, on promoting Greece’s historical and cultural wealth on local, national and international level. Thus, it implements local, national, and international initiatives and actions.

Young people and educators play a major role in the implementation of all OOI projects. The gradual activation of the parts of the society willing for a change in every field (business, science, culture), especially young people and educators, will enable the “civil society” to move from theory to action.

Due to its various cultural symbolisms and big production numbers, the olive has been chosen as the “product-landmark” of our activities. Therefore the olive oil’s producers will be the first to be benefited from the services of the OOI, both in Greece and internationally.

The Olympic Olive Institute provides top quality information on the olive and all primary sectors’ products, as well as first-rate consulting and networking for the services of the tertiary sector.

It also guarantees technical know-how, training, and all sorts of support to the producers and everyone involved in the primary and tertiary sectors. The OOI conducts studies and researches in order to support business initiatives related to the primary and tertiary industry products and services. The OOI aims to represent legal and natural persons when implementing goals aligned with the objectives of the OOI, both in Greece and internationally. Investors and investments will operate on the basis of corporate social responsibility.

The above services are provided by the OOI in close cooperation with the relevant national and regional scientific, cultural, and business organisations and institutions.