Sponsorship benefits

In return for the sponsorship, the Olympic Olive Institute ensures:

a) The daily broadcast for a month of various radio or TV programs that display the sponsors’ initiatives, products and services. The sponsorship transmissions cover a total of a single or scattered half hour during the 4th hour radio or TV program.

There will also be advertisements or display texts, covering a total of 3 of the 16 pages of the weekly column in the newspaper, always with the sponsor’s consensus

In case there are two sponsors, the above space and time are equally shared.

b) The sponsors’ logo and their message are posted on the website of O.I.E. These may also be published in any relevant program.

c) Image, sound or publications produced for the projects may be used by the sponsors in order to promote their activities.


Financial data and sponsors’ contribution

Despite of being limited by the voluntary work of 30 members and associates O.I.E., the cost for making such a demanding project is considerable. The cost includes:

  • The salaries of journalists and technicians, approximately twenty people. To be noted that, for the production and display of the 4-hour daily broadcasting program, a minimum 10-hour work is required.
  • The travel and accommodation costs of the organizers and participators to the project. Also the cost for secretarial and communication support.

Given the data above, sponsors will provide the amount of 40,000 euro for a full monthly schedule. In case there are two sponsors, they offer 20,000 euro each. Natural and legal persons nationwide and locally will work for the programs and will be paid approximately 1000-5000 euro per month each.

The project “Young people and teachers starring in their local communities’ development” is expected to be covered partly by touristic agencies, air, land and sea transportation companies and hotels, which will be benefited from the project.