The project “Young people and Teachers, starring in their local communities’ development” will be implemented with sponsors’ support.

Sponsors’ main obligations and profits:

Sponsors give the opportunity to thousands of young people of a selected region (workers, students, athletes, artists and teachers) to:

  • produce, collectively or individually, high quality radio programs aiming to promote the culture, history and artistic activities of their region. Young people and teachers will help their local region overcome the crisis.
  • obtain knowledge of how the Media industry works, upgrade the quality of the emissions, all by having interesting activities during their spare time
  • improve their self-esteem, broaden their knowledge and skills and regain their hopes in a period of general insecurity.
  • lead in the economy’s recovery and in their local communities’ development, particularly in the area of the primary and tertiary sector.
  • communicate interactively with young people and educators around the world, by forming new friendships
  • take advantage of the new technologies in order to boost their regions’ touristic development and their products’ promotion.


The main profits for the sponsors:

  • The satisfaction of collaboration with the youth in projects which may contribute, under certain conditions, to the economic development of a region.
  • The recognition of their offer by the youth, teachers, local communities and all citizens of the country.
  • The possibility to establish good relations with young people and to ensure good communication with it.