Young people and teachers starring in their local communities’ development

The Olympic Olive Institute’s brand new project


Participants: Young people, teachers, local communities, regional  media.

The project will be implemented in areas that produce products with distinctive competence and have particular historical and cultural background.

The project aims to:

  • Activate the “civil society” by involving it to fructuous activities.
  • Activate young people, especially workers, unemployed people, students and teachers. More specifically, it provides the opportunity to those interested to lead in their local communities’ development, to star in an effort able to restore growth and help Greece recover from the economic and social recession.
  • Enable regional media to get involved in the promotion of the youth’s activities. That way, they are given the opportunity to boost their influence and prestige and increase their profits. The local media will contribute to their region’s touristic development as well as to the local products’ promotion.