Cultural Background


Being, first and foremost, a cultural organisation, the OOI aspires to revive the Olympic Amphictyony in the field of economics, initially with the cooperation between Greek regions which produce fine products and services and subsequently between all Mediterranean countries. It also aspires to promote these regions’ cultural wealth; the inherent relation of the olive to civilisation and the Olympic ideals of fair play and peace for all mankind; its historic relation to philosophy, the Olympic Games, and the Olympic winners’ award; its abundant connections to the symbols of humanist values; finally, the religious references and usage of olive oil. Last but not least, with a series of concerted actions, the OOI aims at promoting environment protection and enhancing environmental consciousness.

The culmination of the OOI’s cultural and developmental initiatives will be the construction of the first Olive Theme Park, which will attract large numbers of Greek and foreign visitors by offering quality entertainment and education, interactive digital and physical contact with the economic and cultural history of the olive and its products. The Olive Theme Park will host a number of festivals and exhibitions and provide training to young producers, millers, traders, and students of agricultural faculties coming from all over the world. The Olive Theme Park will promote economic and tourist development in the areas where its thematic sections will be set up; these areas will be selected on the basis of their historical and cultural characteristics.

Meanwhile, the OOI is setting up places for exhibition of olive products as well as other fine Greek products of the primary sector, thus ensuring agriculture development along with the promotion of the Greek civilization abroad.